Troy Bayliss is back on the track… and you can be too.

18 Feb

With the most awesome announcement by Ducati that the legendary Troy Bayliss will be substituting for the injured Davide Guigliano at Philip Island this weekend, the questions come up about Troy’s fitness to ride at the age of 45-years old.

Troy Bayliss

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Bayliss has never been one to slack on his physical fitness and training, maintainingg a schedule cycling and working out multiple times per week.

But there are many guys out in the trackday circuits that are his age or often older. How should these guys get prepared for a day at the track?

Fitness is paramount. When physical fatigue sets in, we start missing marks, reaction time slows and our fun day at the track can turn into a memory as the day you dumped your ride on your last out.

Step 1 is being honest with yourself that you probably aren’t in the best shape possible. Now we can move forward.

Step 2 is that Bayliss has probably maintained his flexibility first and foremost. If you’re lacking range of motion (ROM) check out a few of these videos and make ROM your priority. If you’re tight on the bike it can hinder you in that it changes the feedback provided to your brain from your muscles regarding the amount of stretch, positioning of a joint and how much force is being produced.

Step 3 is to develop general body weight strength. If you struggle with pushups, then start there. Bench press is not worth doing if you’re pushups are poor. Push-ups are a moving plank exercise, using all of your core muscles to stabilize your spine all while pushing through your chest muscles. Are your legs running out of juice on more spirited moto rides? Start with body weight squats, keep the heels on the ground.

One simple, quick and effective way to combine these into a 10-minute routine is to do: 

Repeat as many times as possible in 10-minutes. If you can make 4 circuits, you’re looking good. 5 times around? Now you’re at the sharp end!

Granted 10-minutes is not a full day of track time on the bike, but it’s a start. And it’s not time consuming. I know most of the readers of this website are pretty busy folks who may not be able to cut away to the gym for 90-minutes a day.

But if you can get 10-minutes a day, you’re more likely to stick with it, complete it and when combined with a good/great nutrition plan, you’ll see results both in your performance and your physique.


One Response to “Troy Bayliss is back on the track… and you can be too.”

  1. myk1esmith May 5, 2015 at 12:43 pm #

    So glad I found your site, will be reading each post across the next few days and can hopefully sort my fitness and eventually my racing out


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