Is Jorge Lorenzo faster because of THIS?

12 Feb

A recent report by the ever informed David Emmet over at Jorge Lorenzo has come into the MotoGP pre-season testing at Sepang an impressive 4-kg lighter than he was at the same test last year. If you recall, Lorenzo had a bit of a rough start to last year following his shoulder surgery.

However, this year he looks to be on his game due to his improved fitness. Although 4-kg may not seem like much to most Americans, but at 5’7″ tall, and 148-lbs, losing 8.8-lbs on an already pretty lean body is quite the chore. To lose weight and minimize strength losses takes a fine balancing act.

Most motoGP riders are very lean. So to lose an additional 8.8-lbs without diminishing strength is a fine balancing act.

So how did JL99 make this happen? And how can you implement the same strategy as we are now 30-90 days away from race season, depending on your climate?

First off, JL99 has a guided training program. During the off-season he hits the weights hard. Not in terms of a body building workout, but more in the shape of a blend of cardiovascular training and strength training. Being that he is a spokesperson for Reebok, he’s probably a big proponent of CrossFit.

Additionally, he probably has a nutrition coach at his disposal to help him with what to eat and when to eat it. (Get similar results here with the Precision Nutrition System!).

So what type of training program might somebody like JL99 do?

Well first off, the program develops overall fitness or General Physical Fitness (GPF). If you aren’t training right now, you definitely need to start a training plan to get your body limber, supple and stronger. A simple 3-day/week training program will get you moving in the right direction. In fact, if you sign up to our mailing list by clicking the box up in the right hand corner, we’ll email you the introductory phases to the TrackDayFitness training plan. It’s a 3-phase, 12-week program, and when paired with the previously mentioned Precision Nutrition System, will have you looking, moving and feeling better than you quite possibly ever have before.

So what is it that Lorenzo IS actually doing during his workouts?

First off, he includes heavier strength training. Look, it never hurts to become stronger. And truth be told, you can get stronger without adding massive amounts of muscle. But as you’ve seen and read, riding a MotoGP machines is like riding a bull without horns for 45-minutes: you’ve got to be strong or it will eat you alive.

MotoGP rookie Jack Miller found this out at the post-season Valencia tests in 2014 as he made the jump from Moto3 to MotoGP.

That increase in power and the grueling lap count left the 19-year exhausted and he revealed he has plans to alter his winter training regime.

“Of course I’m tired. We did 71 laps. We need just more or less bike time to get my strength on the brakes. We’re working on getting a trainer and we’re starting a new programme. We had to wait for the Moto3 season to be over before we can do it. Building muscle isn’t what we are aiming for. We just need to use the muscle we have better so it’s lean.”

His weight coming into the Sepang 1 test? 8-kg (17.6-lbs) heavier than at the Valencia test! But he admitted he felt much stronger and in much less fatigued following the test.

Back to the main point; strength is key. Basic exercises such as deadlifts, bench press (for when you’re on the brakes) and squats are great for building raw strength. 

Next, muscular endurance is crucial. Again, a MotoGP race is 45-minutes of “full throttle.” Granted most track day sessions are 20-30 minutes, but you get the point. When we get tired, we make mistakes. You need to be sharp at all times!

Exercises in this category are lunges, pushups, rows, 4-count body builders/burpees, kettlebell swings, dumbbell overhead press and leg curls. These are exercises you’ll want to work up to higher rep ranges with.

In summary, as you’ve seen Jorge Lorenzo do what it takes to stay at the tip of the spear in motorcycle racing, fitness is crucial. Yes, the bike is awesome and he is talented, but as they say, hard work beats talent when talent won’t work hard.


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