You’ve hit your own REV limiter… see how Lorenzo went through his.

13 Oct

Well, the 2014 MotoGP Championship has been sealed by Marc Marquez. After finishing 2nd in a great race at Motegi, he’s definitely no joke and is certainly going to give a strong effort for a three-peat. However, what was, and should continue to be, astonishing is Jorge Lorenzo’s ability to ride the wheels of the M1!

Despite claiming to be at 100% prior to the first race of the season at Qatar, Jorge Lorenzo attributes much of his recent form improvement to better fitness levels.

Yes, the teams of both he and Rossi are getting the bike more dialed in than earlier in the season. But, it cannot be underestimated, the improvement in Lorenzo’s physical fitness. The way he is able to muscle the bike around the track pays a huge compliment to the smoothness with which he also rides. And fitness is a major component to that!

Coming off of multiple surgeries for a broken clavicle, Lorenzo said he was at 100%. However, a broken clavicle can often have effects that reach far beyond just the fitness of shoulders and arms. It can affect grip strength, core strength and even leg strength. Who knew a little 14-cm bone could have such far reaching effects?

Consider this: the clavicle is the only bony attachment from the arm to the rest of the body. Even the shoulder blade glides over rib cage and is attached to the spine via muscles. So when the clavicle is injured, expect it to be difficult to hold on to anything. This means you can’t pick up weights, it’s almost impossible to ride a bicycle on the road, and leg exercises are limited to body weight. Even running is challenging because as you land from one foot to the next, the clavicle acts as a suspension unit. With the weight of the arm and shoulders pulling down on the clavicle, every little bounce is painful.

So getting back to the main point, how did Lorenzo break through his fitness plateau to get back on the motorcycle? And even more importantly, how can you do the same?

Below is a 30-minute workout that will greatly help improve muscular endurance and smoothness of transitions while on the motorcycle. Repeat the cycle as many times as possible within a 30-minute window.

  1. Stability Ball Plank for 60-seconds. Because core strength is imperative to every high performance athlete. Not sure if you’re an athlete? Check here.
  2. Lateral Slide Through. Start with a very wide stance and squat down to one side. Now, without rising back up, shift your weight to the other leg. Hold for 2-seconds on each side and shift back and forth 10 times per side.
  3. Bent Over Barbell Row. Pick up a barbell, pivot from the hips and tip forward. Keeping your weight on your heels to keep your back from being overloaded. Pull the bar to the bottom of your sternum. and lower back down. Perform 15 repetitions.
  4. Stability Ball Knee Tuck Push up. This is a great one for keeping posture while being tucked. And it is tougher than it looks! Start with hands on the ground and feet up on a stability ball. Simultaneously bring your knees forward and lower yourself into a pushup. Hold for 1-second and push back up and roll the ball backwards by straightening your legs. Perform 15 repetitions.
  5. Speed Squats. Perform a squat as fast as you can for 30 repetitions. Rest 30-seconds.

So as you can see, fitness, particularly cardiovascular fitness, can be done using body weight exercises. Stress your heart, stress your muscles, improve your TrackDay Fitness!

If you’re looking for a nutritional component, check out Precision Nutrition for a fitness/nutrition combo that can’t be beat!

Leave comments below and let me know how you like the workout!


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