Are Moto-racers body builders?

2 Jul

First off, I need to apologize for the lack of current material on the blog. I know many of you keep returning to the site waiting, nay, HOPING that there is new content up and available on how to improve your body for riding. So my sincerest apologies to you who have been waiting and asking for some new content.   Now on to the main event. Moto-racers kind of have a lack of identity in the fitness community. Essentially we are like jockeys. Except instead of riding horses, we ride some kind of cross-breed between a bull and a dragon. So it almost takes some kind of superhero to tame these modern aged motorcycles.

Bull rider + Dragon fighter = Moto racer

Although much of the training is between the ears, there are some people who are a bit more inclined to understand how the machine operates and how to get it to do what we need it to do. With this being said, how should a moto-rider train? Should we train like body builders, doing body part splits, while doing separate exercises for biceps, triceps and deltoids?

No. We are not trying get definition in a specific muscle. We are NOT training for aesthetics. Instead, we are training for function. That function is to operate a motorcycle on the threshold of ours and the bikes potential.

 Should we be doing random workouts that just flat out make us tired? That might not be specific enough. We need a workout considers the demands of the sport. This is the essence of “sport-specific” training! What the heck will bicep curls do for us? We can train our biceps using other exercises that more closely replicate movements of motorcycle racing, such as pull-ups, seated rows, or lat pull-downs. But bicep curls? Really?? 

The saddest part is that there are many trackday “experts” proclaiming to know fitness for racers yet all they do is offer some incredibly generic fitness program. As a trackday rider, I feel that my intelligence has been insulted when I see some of these motorcycle “fitness” programs.

STOP TRAINING LIKE A BODY BUILDER!! You are NOT a body builder. You’re a very specific athlete that has their own demands!

Here are some basic principles when it comes to working out for moto racing. 

  1. Circuit training will help keep your heart rate up. Use some sort of rapid exercise transitions. 
  2. Make sure each exercise is an entire movement. Think of it this way. If you crashed your bike, would the exercise help you push it off of you, pull it out of traffic or pick it up? No? Then you probably don’t need it. So going back to the example of bicep curls, will those help you lift a bike off of you? Probably not. 
  3. Crunches won’t do too much for you as far as abdominal work goes. Instead, focus on planks, pullovers, fall-outs, roll-outs and other anti-extension exercises. 
  4. Be sure to include some high intensity, low repetition strength work. In the Trackday Fitness training manual, we start each workout with 2-4 sets of low repetition strength training and finish with high volume body weight exercises.

So what might a sample workout look like?

A1. Dumbbell Bench Press x 6

A2,. DB Rev Lunge x 6e

A3. Plank x 60s  (perform exercises A1-A3 one after the other with 15-seconds of rest between exercises). 

B1. Barbell Deadift  x 5

B2. DB Lateral Squat x 12e

B3. SB Rollout x 20

Give that a shot and let me know what you think. Many of you have expressed interest in a trackday fitness program. it’s on it’s way!

Take care, be healthy, and check out for their Lean Eating program! Get in your best shape ever and win $25,000! You’ll be race ready AND have a boat load of cash to really dial in your bike. Or heck, just buy a new one!


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