Motorcycle racers need to workout. Start here…

28 Feb

Every racer has similar needs.

There are movements, strengths and needs that are central to the sport of racing. Most racers think you just need to hop on a bicycle and pedal away. But stopping there is doing yourself, your bike, your team and yourself a disservice.

Racers have to be some of the most physically fit people on the planet. Shuffling a 350-lb bike through corners that pull 1.5-1.7 G’s during cornering and braking requires one strong and stable person. You think you can prepare for that on your bicycle?

Motorcycle racers are like the firefighters of fitness: you have to be prepared for anything. Muscular endurance, agility, core strength, flexibility, quick reaction time; we need them all. I am still putting together the pieces for the MotoFit workout. When it gets together it’s going to be awesome.

But for now I’m going to outline how to structure your workout and then give you a sample workout for you, the motorcycle racer.

1. Start with range of motion. So many riders would find racing easier if they could loosen their hips, their shoulders and their hamstrings. The best way to do this is with foam rolling and PNF type of exercises. This should take 5-10 minutes.

Rolling the glutes will help loosen the hips, which will improve mobility and reduce fatigue

Foam rolling the glutes will help loosen the hips, which will improve mobility and reduce fatigue

2. Then start with mobility and core activation exercises. Some of the best ones for this are the deep lunge sequence, alternating leg drops and lateral squats. Also, you’ll want to do a plank of some kind. Front plank, side planks, high plank or Inchworms.

3. Perform some type of explosive exercise. For moto riders, some kind of jumping exercise will suffices. Try split jumps, lateral jumps, or rapid response work.

4.  Moto racers need to be strong, but light. How do we accomplish this? With strength complexes of course! A complex is a series of 4-5 exercises performed in sequence for low repetitions without putting down the weight. These are usually performed with a barbell, but can be done using dumbbells or kettlebells. With complexes you need to remember you’re using the SAME weight for each exercise. So be sure to use the weight you would use on your weakest exercise in the complex.

So here’s a quick on for you. Perform 4 reps of each exercise:

  1. Barbell Hang cleans
  2. Barbell Front Squats
  3. Barbell Bent Over Row
  4. Barbell OH Press
  5. Barbell Front Squat + Press
  6. Rest 60-sec and repeat for 5 sets.

Now if you finish the complex and ask yourself why you just did that, as in “that wasn’t tough at all! What a waste of time!” then you need to use more weight. Remember, motorcycle racers ARE athletes. Lift like one!

5. Lastly if you’d like to perform some Energy System Development (ESD) training at the end, use the rowing machine or perhaps some rope slams to improve the health of your shoulders. Perform intervals 20-sec of work, 40-sec of rest x 10 sets. Let me know how it goes!

So there you go, that’s how a racer SHOULD train to get strong while minimizing weight gain.

Now I’m sure you’re all well aware that nutrition is a HUGE component. And for that, I recommend the Precision Nutrition System. It is the most comprehensive nutrition program around. It teaches you how to eat to improve health, fitness, performance and function. And for motorcycle racers or trackday riders, nutrition can be the difference between the podium and 4th place.

John Berardi and the other geniuses at Precision Nutrition who put it together have painstakingly updated it to include the most recent studies and information in nutrition coaching. They guarantee results – How can you not win?!

Precision Nutrition System comes with 11 different guides including the Diet Guide, Quick Start Guide and the Individualization Guide. Get it for $49 today!

It’s on sale through the rest of today for only $49 down from the regular price of $99. Try the PN System and get ready for racing season!


3 Responses to “Motorcycle racers need to workout. Start here…”

  1. Chefjb748 December 9, 2014 at 6:37 am #

    How often should these workouts be done? Should they all be done in one stack? Or spread out through a week?


    • grandprixfitness December 9, 2014 at 5:06 pm #

      This layout is done best when it comprises the entire workout. However, depending on how much time you have available, you could do the range of motion/mobility, core and ESD work on one day, then warm-up and strength work on the next day. This would split the workout from about a 60-75 minute workout, to 30-35 minutes per day. Additionally, it would keep you active each day.

      So let’s say you do your ROM/Mobility, Core and ESD on Monday & Thursday, then warm-up and strength on Tuesday & Thursday, that is 4-days of exercise a week. This helps keep metabolism high and makes it more convenient.

      Thanks for asking!


  2. Chefjb748 December 17, 2014 at 6:01 am #

    Thank you!!


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