Cleaning up your carbs… pun intended

6 Jan

Now most riders view carburetors as an outdated technology. However, fuel injection on the other hand is something that motorcyclists are constantly refining and playing with. As different fuel maps as well as traction control and riding modes alter fuel delivery to effect power delivery, technology is trickling down from the upper classes of motorcycle racing to offer us mortals some VERY sophisticated trackday rides!

Even if your ride has modernized fuel delivery, changing the carbs in your body will enhance energy delivery to your body. I know what you’re thinking: smooth transition there nutrition guy!

Carbohydrates are our the primary energy source for our body. Why? Because carbohydrates are able to quickly be broken down into glucose.

But some carbs are better than others because they offer so much more in terms of nutrition and allow muscle and energy producing cells to function so much more efficiently.

Which carbs are these?

Veggies, fruit, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa, black beans; they all are what I call “nutrient dense” as opposed to “calorie dense”. Calorie dense carbs like white breads, pastas, fruit juice, ice cream, crackers, cookies and pastries provide a lot of calories/energy, but not much in the way of nutrients that help our body operate like the sophisticated piece of equipment that it is. Instead calorie dense carbs gunk up our fuel delivery system and give us the morning jitters and afternoon crashes.

By including oats, apples, beans, spinach, carrots, sweet potato, and the like as mainstays in our diet we help our body to manage fuel much better. We manage fat creating overload of sugar and have a much calmer energy application (think throttle) when the carbs are clean.

So try cleaning your carbs to improve fuel management. You’ll find it is the easiest way to improve body weight, body composition/fat %, and fuel delivery to get the most fun and safety from your race day, trackday or Sunday ride!

Check out Gourmet Nutrition in the sidebar to clean YOUR carbs!


4 Responses to “Cleaning up your carbs… pun intended”

  1. Alex McClenon January 28, 2014 at 7:36 am #

    Hey have you ever thought about doing a full training program for motorcyle racers? IM about to start racing, and im trying to find information on the best training program for motorcycle racing but its hard to find much info. I weigh about 120 lbs and want to get up to 135 and try to build strength but not bulk up and improve my cardio, itd be awesome to have some information on what a good training routine would be (like what muscle groups, rep amounts, diet etc), i dont need much training for staying determined or how to push myself but i would love to get some help on formulating a training regiment


    • grandprixfitness January 28, 2014 at 2:54 pm #

      Hi Alex,

      I do actually have a program in the works. Perhaps you’d like to be a guinea pig with it? Subscribe to our newsletter at the top and I’ll privately email you the 8-week training plan i’ve been working on.

      It’s designed to build strength, flexibility, core strength and endurance without adding weight.


      • Alex January 28, 2014 at 3:11 pm #

        Ok awesome for sure. I am looking to gain around 15 lbs since I am so light. So maybe I’ll start the program after I’ve gained the 15 lbs. I have a very high metabolism and can gain and loose 20lbs in a couple of months, I think I already subcribed


      • Alex January 29, 2014 at 12:39 am #

        Ok just subscribed


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