You, your moto and crappy fuel

9 Nov

Have you ever put low grade oil in your motorcycle? Have you ever switched oils or brands of fuel because you read that a different brand or type improves performance? Most of us have.

Oil selection is sure to incite a riot of some kind on most message boards or email lists. I know on, it’s a running joke that if it’s a slow day for moto news, starting an oil thread will liven the list up. And it happens for good reason. 

castrol robot racing

If you were a robot, what you put in your bike would be the only thing that matters. But you’re not. Eat better, ride better.

We know our motorcycle performance can vary based on oil. We know first hand that a low quality oil or even just a different brand can change the way the bike runs, shifts, cools itself and delivers power. 

Now stop for a minute and think about this: If you’re bike is this sensitive to fuel selection, how sensitive do you think your body is? 

Now if your eating habits aren’t the greatest, you probably can’t tell if a performance difference in your body. If you’re eating a lot of high sugar cereals or pastries for breakfast chased by a coffee with creamer for breakfast, a burger and fries for lunch and an over-cooked chicken burrito with a sweet tea for dinner you probably don’t realize how bad your body is running.

But like changing the oil or grade of fuel in your bike before a trackday or race, changing your eating habits can have a positive effect too! When changing to a better oil for the bike, you might think “wow! the bike is running really well today!” Similarly, when you add veggies or fruit to a meal and replace any calorie containing drink (ie soda, juice, milk, sweet tea or beer) with water or unsweetened tea or coffee, you’ll discover you feel better.

You may not know why, but you’ll feel like you’ve got a little more energy to ride your Ducati, BMW, Aprila or Yamaha to the limit. You’ll improve reaction time, move around on the bike better and ride harder longer. 

Want a kick-start to improving the fuel going in your body?

Check out Gourmet Nutrition and start eating better. It’s the cook book that every moto-athlete needs to lean up and become a better rider. Image


One Response to “You, your moto and crappy fuel”

  1. Don Davies July 18, 2014 at 1:54 pm #

    completely right… I need to change my attitude towards food and fitness – wouldn’t feed my bike crap fuel or oil and i shouldn’t be doing the same for me!


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