Put your bike on a diet…

19 Oct

Often times we run around and around chasing the lightest pieces for our motorcycles in an effort to save weight. We’ll read reviews on lighter wheels, we purchase hundreds of dollars of carbon fiber goodies to drop a quick 2-kg from the bike. However, most riders will never actually feel the weight loss from parts unless it’s a bigger part such as an exhaust.

Carbon fiber is not the most cost-effective way to reduce the bike's weight.

Carbon fiber is not the most cost-effective way to reduce the bike’s weight.

Now consider that on most bikes these days, the rider adds 50% of the bikes weight and that weight is sitting up high.

What if the rider could shave 5 or 6-kg off of his body and subsequently move that weight from the tallest part of the bike? Now that is something that a rider could feel. Not only would the bike move better because of less weight, but the mass of the rider is also lower now which will aid in handling as well!

But for most riders the question is how do you lose weight? There is so much junk about doing this diet, that diet, this exercise plan or that one. CrossFit is the best. No, intervals are best. No, P90x is best.

Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to lose weight. It just takes a little effort and some awareness of what you’re eating. The principles to losing weight are simple. How those principles are applied is a completely different game. While some people advocate cycling for hours and days on end.

While other suggest commercial fads, research shows that combining multiple exercises in a circuit like fashion creates a metabolic and hormonal onslaught that will see a person in prime shape to lose weight.

However, the nutrition part of the program is also a bit sketchy to most. And here’s the biggest problem with nutrition: Most people don’t give the nutrition changes enough time to have some effect on their body! People go “low carb” for 1-day and are then frustrated when nothing changes on day 2. Others try a fasting protocol and then get cranky because they’re hungry and give up on it.

But there are simple principles to do both. Here they are below:

  1. Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re about 80% full. No matter what you eat, if you eat until you are 80% full, you’ll never overeat. It’s calorie control without counting calories (which is often a painstaking effort anyway).
  2. Stop drinking calorie containing drinks. Most drinks that have calories (think beer, soda, juice, wine) have at least 140-calories per can/glass. Now consider that most people have 2-3 of these per day and that’s an extra 400-calories per day!
  3. Get veggies with every meal and eat them first. For most people, veggies aren’t fun to eat. So eat them first, get them out of the way and then get to the fun stuff!

Now below are your exercise principles. Follow these when you exercise and you’ll see a difference pronto!

  1. Strength training using compound exercises. Squats, lunges, step ups, pushups, chin-ups, military press, hang clean, deadlift are all great strength exercises. They use a lot of muscle which means a lot of calorie burning!
  2. Minimal rest. Try to link 2-3 exercises together to create a lot of cardiovascular stress without breaking down form is key. So link non-competing exercises together: pushups, lunges, military press. Rest 30-seconds and repeat.
  3. Cardio doesn’t have to be running. Cycling is good, rowing machines, versaclimbers, 4-count body builders. But do intervals: work for 30-seconds, recover for 60-seconds, repeat x 8. This will take you 12-minutes to finish.

In summary, exercise and nutrition are your most effective ways to put your bike on a diet. Need help on how to do that? Sign up for our mailing list at the top of the page and I’ll send you a FREE copy of Trackday Fitness. It’s an 8-week training plan that will burn fat and improve your flexiblity and core strength.


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