Ben Spies is still rehabing…would you?

18 Jun

Ben Spies is still going to physical therapy trying to get his shoulder under control. Because he rushed back from surgery too soon, he compensated with his chest muscles and as a result has an overuse injury of epic proportions: Out of 5 races this year, he’s raced in 2 of them.

Now with as knowledgeable and skilled as his physiotherapists are, you’d think he could get back to racing! He’s been out for over a month. I suppose it just goes to show us all how physical motorcycle racing is.


Even though we need to relax our arms, we still use our arms to maintain some posture and especially during directional changes!

It seems shoulder injuries in particular tend to be rather devastating. But why? Every pro racer I hear talk about fitness just says, “Well I cycle a lot” or “I ride moto-cross during the off-season.” Many instructors I hear are constantly telling their superbike students to “use your legs more to grab the ta

nk,” and “relax your arms.”

Now these instructions might be true and very beneficial (I know they’ve helped my riding) but we still can’t ignore the fact that your arms are used over the course of the entire race. When you’re crawling all over your bike just trying to get it to change directions, your shoulders are pulling and pushing the bars to get the bike to move!

Now imagine if you were Ben Spies and you were suffering from a shoulder injury and that injury was keeping you from riding. You’d be missing out on some prime riding season!
We’d be watching our buddies ride off and listening to the awesome stories of how they conquered a turn that had previously spooked them or how this little change in posture completely changed the way the bike handled.

You may not have a multi-million dollar contract in the works, but you’re ego is certainly writing checks that your body and bike need to cash.

So how can you keep your shoulders healthy? Well first off, don’t be afraid to lift weights and lift heavy weights. When you’re pulling and pushing the bike around, at times your applying as much force as you can. And having more strength means you can fine tune how much force you want to apply to the bars.

Riding will never get more difficult because you are stronger. More muscular? It can make things more difficult. But it IS possible to gain strength without gaining weight. And even better, by following a directed nutrition plan, you can lose fat too!

In fact, here’s a pretty good nutrition plan if I do say so myself (and you could win $10,000 too)! The link above is to a free 5-day Fat-Loss Crash Course. Give it a look and there’s no obligation.

Back to the fitness aspect. Look strength training will always benefit you. I think had Ben done a bit more strength work and not as much cycling, he’d be in better shape than he is now.


Bent Over Barbell Rows are great for core strength, shoulder stability and mimics the pulling pattern when moving around on the bike!

So what exercise are good for motorcyclists? Well, try a bent over row, seated row, dumbbell chest press, or alternating high incline chest press. All of these exercise combine core strength with shoulder strength.

Look, there’s no reason to not train for strength. And again, if you’re thinking “I just need to lose weight to improve my riding,” try that 5-day Fat Loss Crash Course. It could just be the thing to change your life!


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