The most important MOTO – MUSCLE…

19 Mar

If you’ve ever been to a motorcycle riding school or a track day that provides instruction, they tend to passively gloss over one aspect of riding while highlighting another.

Most schools will attempt to teach proper riding posture, braking posture and cornering position. These have one BIG thing in common that you are required to do:

Changing posture or positions.

That’s right. You have to move and use YOUR BODY. If your body doesn’t want to move very easily, very quickly or to a specific position, there is a good chance you won’t be able to do what the instructor AND the bike need you to do.

Do riding schools purposely skip fitness? Well probably no purposely. But they don’t emphasize it. Why?

You’re there to become a better rider by learning technique and skill. You’re not there to learn to workout. You’re there to learn to ride.

Lean Haslam

To hold this posture – knees wide, pegs loaded, head turned, body hanging – requires strength in MORE than just one muscle.

So although fitness isn’t a super emphasized part of riding, that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Every sport coach will ask there players to do things to execute a play or strategy. But movement and being able to move is the foundation for sport and likewise for riding. And when you can move well, you have strength and endurance, you can do what your riding instructors tell you to do!

So what is the MOST important muscle? There really isn’t just ONE. We can argue all day about the legs being the most important, or the spinal extensors. But in truth, we have to use them all. We could argue that the neck muscles are the most important. But we’ll save that for another day.

We can strive to improve just one muscle group, but safe riding doesn’t just require one muscle or one movement quality. To increase your riding ability, a rider needs to improve their flexibility/mobility, core strength (no, not with sit-ups), and yes even leg, chest and back strength. But they can’t just go into body builder mode and have a chest day, back day, leg day and ab day; the body doesn’t operate like that on a motorcycle.


Randy DePuniet – Fitness is a part of every high caliber athlete’s training. And cycling can’t be the only tool in the box.

Thankfully there’s a solution. It’s called Grand Prix Fitness. It’s a 4-phase training program that targets the muscles, joints and weaknesses that keep riders from being the fastest, enjoying the ride, and losing focus.

  • Legs giving out half-way through the ride? We’ve got a fix for that.
  • Your belly rubbing on the fuel tank as you shift from side to side? Our Track Day Nutrition plan can fix that.
  • Have back pain that’s causing you to cut your rides short? Our Stop Moto Back Pain program will cure that.

So, keep an eye out for Grand Prix Fitness, a revolutionary fitness and training program that addresses the specific needs for motorcycle rides and racers. It will change your life. Guaranteed.

Till next time!!


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