Reduce your risk of “crashing” on your next ride.

23 Feb

Maintaining focus and concentration is THE most important part of riding. Bad stuff can happen in the blink of an eye. And we take care of our bikes before and during the ride, so why not take care of our bodies before and during the ride?

Here’s 3-keys to “Eating Well While On the Horse.”

1. We always have to stop and fill the tank of our bikes. The harder we ride the faster we use up the fuel in the tank and have to refill. Well guess what friend? Your body is no different. The harder YOU ride, the sooner YOU run out of fuel! What happens to the bike when we run out of fuel? Well, it simply stops running. What happens when your body runs out of fuel? It can’t stop running. But it certainly can lose focus, slow down your reaction time and pull you out of “the zone.” So the first thing is to NEVER NEGLECT EATING. Feeling a little off? Just like your bike can sputter, cough and hesitate when it’s got old gas in it, your body will lose focus and be easily distracted without refueling!

2. Put in the correct octane. You’ve got a high performance bike. You put high octane fuel in it. What happens when we put low octane fuel in a high compression engine? Poor running. Well, you are the MOST important and variable part of the man-machine unit. So if you put low octane fuel in a high compression machine, it’s going to morph into a tank – slow and bulky. The same things goes for your body. You have to put good stuff in the tank.

I remember one time a few buddies and I road about 120 miles to the California central coast to eat at the Taco Temple in Morro Bay. We had burritos the size of a small baby. The ride home was a slough. We were tired, drifting in and out of attentiveness. It climaxed when we came through a 30-mph indicated turn. Me being sleepy and inattentive read it as 40-mph and took it at the speed I would normally take a 40-mph turn. As I come out of the turn, I’m thinking “dang, that was awfully tight for 40-mph!”

Then I’m looking in my mirrors and one buddy makes it through and the other one just blows right through the turn on his brand new Monster 796. Thankfully there was enough run-off that nothing too bad happened aside from a little scare. The ABS helped him out.

As we spoke about it later he said he was getting sleepy and inattentive. He attempted to follow us right through the turn and missed it completely. He was also not setup well for the turn as he was in the middle-left of the lane.

So although eating tasty food is often part of the riding experience, if you’ve got a long ride ahead of you, you better fuel properly. How can you fuel properly? For starters, eat your veggies first. People don’t really like veggies, but they like cold veggies even less. Eat the veggies and be sure to stop eating when 80% full.

3. Keep your fluid levels up. Your bike relies primarily relies on proper fluid levels to operate at its peak performance. Oil level needs to be up, coolant level needs to be up, brake fluid needs to be up or else bad stuff happens. Well your body needs fluid levels up as well. And for the same reason as the reason above. Dehydration leads to decreasing performance! And although you may not think you lose much fluid over the course of a ride, and just a 3% loss in hydration results in a 50% decrease in performance! Which means that even a 2% decrease in fluid results in some decrease in mental and physical performance. Keep the fluids topped up, even if you feel like you’re stopping every 30 minutes to tour the local restrooms!

By eating and drinking foods that not only keep your performance from decreasing, but actually improve performance you’ll stay on your game, on the road and on your bike. Ride safe!


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