4 Important exercises to IMPROVE your riding safety

13 Feb

In many parts of the country, riding season is quickly coming upon us. With the coming of March, warmer temps and sunnier days are ahead! Just like your bike needs a tune up, your body could use a tune up too prior to heading out for a ride. 

How early should you prep? Well it depends on how much time you’re willing to commit. The more time, the better prepared you’ll be. 

The minimalist might stretch a little and then hop on the bike and go.

The guy who really wants to remove some rust will get started a few weeks prior to going out on his first ride. 

The first step is to regain some lost mobility and then rebuild some core strength/postural endurance. 

We can do this with a few exercises such as a Pigeon pose pushups, some calf stretches and some Backstroke Divers/thoracic spine extensions. 

Some of the core exercises we can do are Birddogs, Inchworms, side planks (see picture)hip bridging and hip crossovers.


Each of these exercises will improve your mobility and endurance on the bike, reducing fatigue and making you an overall safer rider when you get back out on your favorite road! 

Be safe, and enjoy the pleasant riding whether!


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