Is Road Racing the most Un-Athletic sport ever?

3 Feb

Ask someone who doesn’t ride a motorcycle to watch a MotoGP race or Superbike race. Then ask them this: do you think you have to be athletic to race motorcycles?

On the surface, it looks like the guys are sitting down for most of the race. Sure they have to move around a little bit. But really, the motorcycle is doing all of the work, right?

Well that’s a question every sport rider, touring rider, adventure rider and motocross rider has to answer for themselves.

Does the riding I do, require me to be an athlete? Would I be a better rider if I exercised differently or if I ate better/differently? Would riding be more fun? Would the enhancement of my ability to control my motorcycle be worth the time and effort training and changing my eating?

If the answer is yes, then here’s your invitation.Nov-11-CLASS Group B 11am CLI_4242-W800

This webpage is here to provide guidance on a subject that not many riders think too much about: their fitness. Those who do think about it are often confused by what they find out. And those who know, can always know more and apply their knowledge in a more useful way. I’m just here to help foster the search for a faster, safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

Think about that for a while. Then get back to me.


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